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The Bartlett Fifteen Show 2020

Welcome to The Bartlett School of Architecture’s Fifteen Show. This exhibition celebrates fifteen months of innovative work by the 2019-20 graduates of Design for Manufacture MArch, Design for Performance & Interaction MArch, and Situated Practice MA.

The work displayed here explores and creates new forms of practice to address themes of temporality, process, and interactivity. It takes different forms, including film, text, photographs, objects, prototypes, drawings, and live performances.

Design for Manufacture MArch

Students on this programme form a new generation of pioneering designer-makers whose work is created with the making process at its centre. They have used disruptive new tactics, following their ideas from concept to completion in great detail, and achieved high levels of design evolution.

Find out more about Design for Manufacture.

Design for Performance & Interaction MArch

Students on this programme have explored the intersections of performance and spatial design, the arts and technology, the physical and the virtual. Their collaborative, 'anti-disciplinary' projects challenge the conventions of performance and consider objects, spaces, people, and systems as potential performers.

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Situated Practice MA

Working across and between the boundaries of art and architecture, students on this programme have studied critical theories and concepts of place and situation to produce their own situated practices in a range of media. They have engaged with a plethora of places and publics, collaborating with their local communities in London and critically commenting on wider social, cultural, and geopolitical discourses.

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Special thanks to all students and their tutors for providing the show content.

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The Bartlett
Fifteen Show 2020
19 February – 5 March 2021